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Unique solar controller to power your offices, commercial complex, factories etc

Dash Controller

DASH is an innovative solution that provides a highly energy efficient power management and distribution system, targeted for the next generation Green Apartments and Offices. It is a modular, scalable solution that enables expansion of the energy requirements in a hassle free manner. The basic premise of the solution is that it provides Solar DC in 48V DC power line. This line enables use of energy efficient DC appliances such as BLDC fans and LED lights, resulting in substantial reductions in energy consumption.

Solar Power Just Got A Smarter Solution!

Reduce power consumption by 50% guaranteed reduction in electricity bill 24x7 power, no need for additional back up...

  • No Initial Investments
  • Pay in Easy Instalments
  • Pay Less Than Your Current Electricity Bill

DASH - System Components

A smart control unit that intelligently maximizes the utilization of solar power and augments it with power from grid, in addition to providing a battery backup. It provides a safe 48V DC output. The unit can be remotely managed by integrating it to building management systems.
2DC Line
Supplies 48V DC to apartments and office spaces
Remote Buzzer and metering module connects DC Appliances: supports upto 400W per apartment / office-block
4Battery Bank
Sealed Maintenance Free, Lead-acid type, upto 15kWh
DC Fancs, LED Lights, Phone Chargers, Laptop Chargers, LCD TV

Why Dash? Why DC?

Advantages for Builders, Apartment and Commercial Complex Owners
 ParameterDASH Power SolutionConventional AC solution
TechnologyDASH Central unit provides efficient DC power system for houses and office spaces. The Solar and the Rectified Grid power are efficiently shared in a manner to maximizing Solar power usageConventional systems use DC to AC and AC to DC to charge Batteries, and DC to AC inverters to supply 230V AC. This results in multiple conversions resulting in inefficient and significant losses in power.
EfficiencyThe new DC-power appliances such as fans and light are highly efficient, resulting in less than 50% power consumptionNormal AC appliances convert AC back to DC, resulting in losses and are inefficient compared to DC counterparts.
Overall power saving40% to 60% overall power saving is possible compared to conventional systemsConventional AC systems would need up to 60% larger solar- panel and batteries, resulting in higher inefficiencies, costs and space requirements
SafetyFalls under SELV, as all devices work with 48V, reducing risk of electric shock.Devices and inverter operate at 230V, adequate precaution should be taken as in normal AC systems

Why DC

Efficient    DC Appliances Power consumptionNormal AC Appliances Power consumption
BLDC Fan – @ Full Speed 30W, @ low speed 6WAC FAN – @ Full Speed 72W, @ low speed 60W
DC LED light – 15WCFL tube light – 36W
TVs, Mobile Phone, Laptop Chargers – DC-DC conversion losses less than 10 %TVs, Mobile phone, Laptop Chargers – AC-DC conversion losses from 25% to 50%
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