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Productive Appliances

Cygni Is partnering with innovative companies to create energy-efficient productive use appliances for rural usage
Solar DC Freezer & Chiller

Solar DC Freezer & Chiller

Providing the energy efficient freezer solution through our unique 48V DC Solar Inverterless technology
  • This solution is a combination of energy access and energy efficiency
  • 48V DC Solar freezers can create an income generating ecosystem in rural areas & resolve the food storage problem
  • With IBIS, additional DC appliances can also be connected
  • Livelihood and income generation
  • Utilization of solar energy which will reduce carbon emission
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Solar Power Loom

Solar Power Loom

We are providing the solutions to power the loom by efficient solar DC Inverterless system.
  • Solar Solution For:
    Conventional Power Loom
    a) Ordinary power loom
      b) Automatic power loom
    Modern loom:
    a) Air jet loom
    b) Water jet loom
    c) Rapier loom
    d) Projectile/Missile loom.
  • Harness the power of sun or charge through grid
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Growth in production Process
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