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Suddhudka Thanda
November 20, 2016
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Irrakkam Island

School Roof-top Solar
DC Home Inverterless Projects

Irakkam Island

Irakkam Island in Pulikat Lake, Near TADA, Andhra Pradesh
  • irakkam-roof-top-solar
  • Temple with DC Lights
  • Finally some comfort from heat!
Project NameOGH - Irakkam Island
LocationIrakkam Island in Pulikat Lake,
Near TADA,
Andhra Pradesh
Habitat Info28 Homes, 1 Temple and 1 Community Hall
DC Equipments per HomeDC BLDC Ceiling Fans with Remote,
DC LED Tubelights with Remote,
DC LED Bulbs,
DC Mobile Chargers
Load for Community Hall2 BLDC Fans, 2 DC LED Tube Lights,
1 DC Mobile Charger and
Load for TempleDC LED Tubelight and DC LED Bulb
Date of CommissioningFeb 2015